Transparency in Local Government


View Local Government Reports Online!

The Bullock Administration is committed to the transparency of government operations so that Montanans have fingertip access to how their tax dollars are being spent. We are expanding these efforts by encouraging local governments to be more transparent and accountable, to promote residents having the same access.

By law, local governments must file their annual financial reports, budgets, and audit reports with the Department of Administration. As local governments begin filing these reports electronically, this information will be available online for the public to view. Accountability to our citizens helps ensure that we are providing efficient and effective government services.

The Portal currently contains most of the reports that Local Government Services has received electronically or scanned ourselves, beginning with Fiscal Year 2010.  We are still working diligently to upload the reports from earlier fiscal years.  Make sure you check below for Fiscal Year 2014 reports if they are not yet in the portal.  Call our office or email the HELP DESK if you are looking for a report that hasn't been uploaded to the portal or located below.

The Portal is compatible with IE (version 9 or newer), Chrome, Firefox, Safari and most mobile browsers.


Other Electronic Reports

Some Fiscal Year 2014 reports, that aren't in the portal, yet, can be found below. Please enter the portal, above, to find most Fiscal Year 2014 reports, and all subsequent reports.

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Special Purpose Districts

ANNUAL FINANCIAL REPORTS:  Currently special purpose districts are not required to file Annual Financial Reports electronically.  We anticipate these reports becoming available online in the future.  Some entities may publish these reports on their website; you may also contact the Local Government Services Bureau to request scanned or hard copies.


BUDGETS: Reporting Not Required.



Hard Copy Reports

Contact Local Government Services to find out how to view available on-site hard copies of reports.


LGS Help Desk

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