State Financial Services Division

Deliver services that support the transparency, accountability, and effective management of public funds

2019 Biennium Goals and Objectives


Goal 1 - Enhance Customer Experience
Objective 1.1 - Improve customer experience by ensuring improvement activities are driven by customer and user needs.
Objective 1.2 - Better connect customers with information and resources by diversifying our methods of reaching customers.
Objective 1.3 - Foster relationships with partner organizations to ensure we are supportive and collaborative to best serve the interests of our shared customers and stakeholders.
Objective 1.4 - Serve as an advocate for our customers and stakeholders while supporting state and federal reporting, programs, and initiatives.
Goal 2 - Promote Transparency & Accountability
Objective 2.1 - Ensure the state's financial reporting is accurate, timely, and reliable by improving pertinent internal controls.
Objective 2.2 - Equip our customers and stakeholders with the information they need by implementing improvements which make data more accessible and promote data integrity.
Objective 2.3 - Serve our customers as industry experts by providing beneficial guidance, assisting with compliancy, and communicating industry best-practices.
Objective 2.4 - Encourage the responsible management of public funds by pursuing cost-saving improvements and initiatives.
Goal 3 - Cultivate Effective Operations
Objective 3.1 - Retain valuable employees by encouraging growth and development, working to keep employees engaged, and pursuing competitive pay strategies.
Objective 3.2 - Build cohesive and effective teams by recruiting qualified individuals, incorporating team building activities, and actively managing our succession plan.
Objective 3.3 - Continually analyze and refine our internal controls and business processes to improve the effectiveness of the organization and gain efficiency of operations.
Goal 4 - Safeguard Stakeholders' Interests
Objective 4.1 - Proactively manage our internal control plan by assessing the control environment, conducting risk assessments, integrating control activities, and monitoring our internal control system.
Objective 4.2 - Support the continuity of operations by maintaining our Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan and employing reliable system backup and disaster recovery strategies.

2017 Biennium Goals and Objectives


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