State Financial Services Division

Deliver services that support the transparency, accountability, and effective management of public funds

2017 Biennium Goals and Objectives

Goal: Provide accurate and reliable financial information.


  • Prepare and distribute timely financial reports and schedules.
  • Maintain and promote timely, efficient, cash processing methods.
  • Provide accurate and timely treasury cash reconciliation.

Goal: Deliver reliable, effective, financial service applications.


  • Keep systems current through patching or upgrades of software, hardware, and/or infrastructure.
  • Coordinate with information technology partners and vendors to maximize resources and information sharing.
  • Employ reliable and effective backup and disaster recovery strategies.

Goal: Encourage state and local government financial transparency and fiscal responsibility.


  • Administer the State of Montana Single Audit Act and collect budget data for political subdivisions.
  • Submit financial information for inclusion on the state’s transparency website.

Goal: Strengthen and monitor internal controls to promote efficiency, to reduce risk, and to help ensure reliability of financial statements and compliance with laws and regulations.


  • Establish and maintain internal control analytical and risk assessment tools.
  • Maintain system and division security plans.
  • Identify areas of risk to target for strengthening controls.
  • Provide reliable, relevant, and easily accessible policy.

Goal: Serve as a resource to state agencies, political subdivisions, and other organizations.


  • Keep websites updated with useful and relevant information.
  • Provide technical assistance to stakeholders.
  • Inform stakeholders of changes in methods and procedures.

Goal: Partner with federal and state agencies, and other organizations to administer federal programs.


  • Administer Section 218 of the Social Security Act to ensure proper application of Social Security coverage to all state government and political subdivision employees.
  • Administer the Statewide Cost Allocation Plan.
  • Administer the federal Cash Management Improvement Act.
  • Administer Internal Revenue Service reporting as it relates to payments.

Goal: Implement efficiencies and coordinate resources.


  • Coordinate division resources to enhance information sharing and avoid duplication of effort.
  • Implement technology or business process efficiencies.

Goal: Promote an environment that fosters innovation, efficiency, excellence, and service.


  • Develop bureau strategies that target specific processes that have the potential to add value to our customers.
  • Employ techniques that encourage team collaboration and creative thinking.
  • Develop methods to acquire feedback from customers.

Goal: Create and maintain a highly qualified, professional, diverse, and responsive workforce.


  • Promote professional growth and development opportunities.
  • Encourage and provide opportunities for employees to stay current in their field and be aware of industry best practices.
  • Employ best practice strategies for employee recruitment, selection, retention, and training.
  • Review and maintain succession plan strategies.

Goal: Successfully implement those objectives and tasks in the Governor’s Main Street Montana Project that fall within the authority of the division.


  • Actively manage our division plan by discussing at monthly division management meetings.

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